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Tribute to Frida Kahlo

4 dec.



The Power of Triangles

10 sept.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

18 dec.


Merry christmas and happy new year everyone!


Lips, sweet lips…

20 iul.

Lady in Red

30 dec.

Lady in Red


Mixed Media sau combinatia intre pictura si colaj

27 nov.

Erotica dell’Arte

18 nov.











Twisted Gravity

4 aug.

Twisted Gravity, mix media (watercolor & collage), 27 x 35 cm


„Twisted Gravity”, mix media (watercolor & collage), 27 x 35 cm.jpg

Melting Latex

9 apr.

Melting Latex

Hot Melting Latex



Kalimba de Luna

3 apr.

Kalimba de Luna, arylic on canvas, 30 x 60 cm



Flamenco Passion

26 feb.

Flamenco Passion, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 60 cm



„Flamenco Passion”, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 60 cm

Diva Cubana

16 feb.

mix media (coffee painting, watercolor, collage)



Mix media (coffee painting, watercolor, collage)

Mix Media – „Body Balance”

24 ian.

Body Balance 1, mix media (watercolor & collage), 27 x 35 cm

Body Balance 2, mix media (watercolor & collage), 27 x 35 cm

Body Balance 1 + 2, mix media (watercolor & collage), 27(x2) x 35 cm



Lipstick Waterfall

12 ian.

Lipstick Waterfall, watercolor, 27 x 27 cm



Latex Divine

6 dec.

Red Latex Temptation




Pattern of Beauty

29 nov.

Pattern of Beauty III

Pattern of Beauty I

Pattern of Beauty II


Ink on vintage decorative paper

Chronicles of Lesbos

28 nov.

Chronicles of Lesbos




Blue Friday

27 nov.

Blue Friday



Thinking About the Summer…

26 nov.




Book lover

25 nov.

Book lover



Another View from the Back

23 nov.

View fom the Back



Mistress of Velvet Chamber

22 nov.

Velvet Chamber



Melting Body – series

21 nov.

Melting Body IV

Melting Body

Melting Body III

Melting Body II

Melting Body - Lotus

Melting Body - Constellation



Do you like coffee?

13 mai

Amor a La Mexicana, coffee painting, 25 x 35 cm

Self-pleasure 25 x 35 cm

Nude on Sofa, coffee painting, 35 x 27 cm

Moon Gravity 27 x 35 cm

Gypsy Heart, coffee painting, 27 x 35 cm



Coffee paintings!

My Life in the Blue e-Motion

8 mai

Blue Ballerina

Blue Hiroshima

Blue Latex e-Motion

Blue Mountains of Pleasure

Blue Spirit

Fifty Shades of Blue

Ice Ballerina

Latex Dance

Melting Body II



Blue is the new colour for passion…

A View From Behind…

30 ian.

Perfect bottom

Perfect butt reloaded

Shadow Butt

The Wall


A rare wiew from behind…

The true colours

28 nov.

X-Ray Body

Chicana Juice



Hiroshima, My Love II

Hot Havana Nights

Jungle Heat

Metalic art

One Night in Bankok

Pink Attitude



Underground Fashion

Vanity Lust



Galeria de arta XIX – Muzica si dansul in pictura

26 nov.

Galeria de arta XVIII – Seria „LATINA”

28 oct.
La Passionata

La Passionata





Amor latina

Amor latina

Amor caliente

Suavemente Bessame

Suavemente Bessame